My quilts are a dedication to the memory of my Son. I miss you my Danny Boy. Every Quilt is made with Love. Every stitch contains a teardrop. Every quilt gives the gift of a Hug.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

It's all about the Name

This week would of been my Son's 33rd Birthday. Danny passed away suddenly on Dec 12th, 2010. His heart just stopped beating. He was to be married in April of 2011, to the love of his life.
Danny was an amazing person and gifted artist. During the past year, my world seemed to be rocked completely of it's axis.
At the time of my Son's death my wonderful Husband was  recovering from a near fatal motorcycle accident.
During the past year, I needed something to help me deal with the stress. I needed something to occupy my  mind and hands. So I dragged out the old sewing machine and dusted it off. I set it up on the dinning room table. My Husband was in a Wheelchair so I needed to be close by if he needed me.
I started sewing tears into stitches.
I wanted to create something in memory of my Son,  I  wanted to create something that would give comfort. I had heard of memory quilts. I knew how to sew but I had never quilted. I thought a quilt is like a hug and Dan gave the best bear hugs. I did my research on the Internet and found all these wonderful blogs and tutorials. I made  lots of different block designs and more mistakes  than I can count.
DanNy Boy Quilts was created.  In the past year, I have made 15 quilts, each one made with love and hand stitched in the corner of every one is a "hug". I think my son would be proud.


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

what a touching story! I can only imagine the pain of losing a child, and my heart goes out to you. I am glad that you have found some comfort in sewing.
I have also read about the "Memory Quilts" and think that is a great way to keep a hug forever. Stay strong!

Lizabeth @ Infuse With Liz said...

What a lovely idea you've come up with! I'm so sorry for your loss, but you've turned your grief into something wonderful. We never can make sense of these things, but I know there is a bigger plan. I'm more than sure your son would be proud of what you are doing! You'll have to show some pictures of them! Blogging is a good outlet too! Take care, Liz (coming over from Camp and Cottage Living)

Donna said...

Hi I am Donna I came over from you posting for my giveaway. And what I found in return is such a heartfelt connection. I can't imagine the feelings and emotions one goes through after losing a child. You left me so inspired. Sewing has helped me with struggles through out my life. I know Dan is looking down and he is so proud of you. I am hoping your husband health has improved.
Love your "hug" hand stitched in the corner of each of your quilts. I look forward to someday seeing them. Please call me your friend.
God Bless,

Ethan said...

You are such a strong person. You even created a tribute for him through your quilting. This is so inspiring. I hope you can share some photos of some of your sewing projects in memory of him. I bet they're beautiful and full of love.

Ethan Rehman