My quilts are a dedication to the memory of my Son. I miss you my Danny Boy. Every Quilt is made with Love. Every stitch contains a teardrop. Every quilt gives the gift of a Hug.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

"A Sewing Space"

I have spent the last few days creating a space for me. My own little corner of the world.

If you have read my previous post you will know that I have been sewing in my Dinning Room. It wasn't the best place but it worked for me and I was able to be close to my Husband, who was in a wheel chair.

All of my fabric, thread, rulers, patterns and maybe even the kitchen sink were packed in rubber containers. Every time I needed something, I had to unpack and sort through what I thought was the right container only to find out it would be in the last one I looked into. So for months my dinning room was always messy. This is a problem because I am not a messy person and it was driving me crazy.

During Thanksgiving and Christmas everything had to packed up and put away, so that we were able to use the dinning room for it's intended purpose.

My Husband is able to get around a little on his own (no more wheelchair). He is the most wonderful man and has worked so hard to recover from his injuries. He will never completely recover to the way he was before the accident  but he will always be wonderful.

Soooooo when it came time to unpack, I decided I would find myself a little spot. I found a little table and moved everything into one of the guest bedrooms. I have a little spot under a window and it is quiet and peaceful. I emptied out a cupboard and a dresser and put everything away. Everything is neat and tidy and no more rubber containers to dig through.

It really is the little things that bring so much happiness. Now a cup of tea and I can sit back and  dream of all the wonderful things I will make in my very own little space.


Little "b"


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

It is nice to have a space to leave things ready to go! I have claimed a spare bedroom, and can even close the door when it gets too messy in there !!

camp and cottage living said...

I just read through all of your post and I am so touched by your story.
My heart hurts for you. I believe you are such a brave lady and it's apparent that God has given you a strength to deal with the heaviest of burdens.
I'm glad you have found an outlet and way of expressing your love for your son.
I have only been blogging for 6 months, but it has been such a blessing to me and I know it will for you too.
Thank you again for letting me know you will be praying for my son.

Sherri B. said...

How nice that you found your own spot for sewing and you are all organized..You will really be able to keep that machine humming now!

I am a follower now so, I'll see you soon! xo

grandmarockton said...

May God continue to BLESS YOU & Family